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The future of work is flexible

For the year 2020, futurologists expect that up to 60 per cent of all employment in Germany will be on a free and flexible basis. One reason for this is that specialist knowledge dates at an increasing pace and that new insights and methods are in demand in shorter and shorter periods of time. This increase in dynamism is prompting companies to increasingly import external skills.

Interim management as a growth market

The trend to the temporary use of external managers has been observed since the 1980s. As the market for interim management is still heavily fragmented and is currently in a process of consolidation, there are not yet any reliable figures. The DDIM estimates the number of professional interim managers in Germany to be about 1500. Another 7000 to 8000 persons include the term "interim management" in their job description, but are frequently working more as consultants or are "looking for a job". Experts presume that the market is growing between 10 and 30 per cent per year. About 25 to 30 professional employment agents have a pool of temporary managers. Another 30 to 40 companies present themselves as "agents" but have not yet demonstrated that they actually act as such. One indication for the increasing use of interim managers is the increase in turnover in the sector. In comparison to 2000 with a turnover of 80 to 90 million Euros, the estimated volume of fees for 2004 in the professional interim management sector was about 400 million Euros. The market for interim management services in Germany is growing. This was shown by the latest surveys and publications on the use of interim executives.

The use of interim managers

Above all, clients like the availability at short notice of external managers, the efficient and swift process of filling positions and the prompt implementation of the projects to be done. There is particular demand for interim managers for turnaround processes, to cover vacancies, to extend into new markets or to control complex projects. In addition to that, clients also aim to acquire external expertise via the use of interim managers. Interim managers are mainly used by medium-sized companies. Clients come from industry & trade, followed by media and publishing houses, IT and telecoms companies, the chemical industry as well as service and consulting companies. However, even public authorities are making increasing use of temporary managers. Interim managers are most frequently used in project management, in the area of human resources, in company management, in financial controlling and in marketing & communications departments.

source: DDIM (as of 08/2010)