We are looking for an Interim Manager (Project Manager) from the Automotive industry and the machinery and equipment business!

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Interim management as a challenge

Everything is moving - companies must respond to new market opportunities faster and faster, be more precise and innovative. This development paves the way for the rise of flexible work and models. Thus, the opportunities for the use of interim managers are better than ever.

Interim managers make decisions in order to determine where, how long and for which company they are going to work. They work in different enterprises and they have to quickly empathize in each new situation. Interim managers are based on a successful career in the line and further develop their professional skills consistently. They act like chameleons as they have the capacity to integrate in various settings at short notice. We consider interim management for the premier class in the field of Management Consulting.

Consilium offers its customers a "product of" known to the Interim managers best, which is not easy to advertise. The successes of our interim managers, we know to existing and potential customers is to provide positive references. Every one of your completed projects is a new reference - from our perspective the most important sales argument.

Only part of the interim appointments in Germany is on providers - like the Consilium Interim Management GmbH - settled. Consilium is a network and sales channel in one, our interim managers put their own personal network with the game - a clear enrichment for both sides.

Given such good prospects, you should reconsider the decision for a position as "interim manager" still very good. The following skills should be brought to this task:

  • Short training period into the new field of tasks, the unknown environments and demanding challenges
  • Analytic way of thinking, decisiveness, focus on time and results
  • Marketing-related behaviour, strength in self-marketing
  • Ability of self-motivation.

Especially in the early days as an interim manager, it is important to be able to rely on existing contacts within the network. Interim management needs in today's business environment, yet many places in the promotion and explanation! If a company discovers Interim management as a management tool for themselves, then this instrument is quickly an integral part of corporate strategy.

The interim manager benefits from personal advantages:

  • Active influence on his own career
  • Personal “Work-Life-Balance” due to flexible organization
  • Individual development gained by experience in various enterprises and fields
  • permanent new challenges in different business situations
  • Detachment from corporate policy constellations and obstacles

Our focus: dialogue and cooperation

The cooperation in our Pool Manager only works by both sides to exchange information with each other and work together professionally. We provide our managers with a wealth of further offers. These measures are not only the wishes of the manager for personal continuing education account, but they also cause a significant value to our client companies.

We network our interim managers.

We keep both our interim managers and ourselves up to date about developments of diverse fields and we are happy to share our information.

We maintain the contact in both directions-that is the only way to keep long lasting and efficient cooperation alive-this is our living network.