We are looking for an Interim Manager (Project Manager) from the Automotive industry and the machinery and equipment business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

From which industries are our managers being recruited and for which sectors do they operate?

We serve the following areas: automotive, pharmacy, banking, IT, communications, energy, industry, trade and consulting. Of course, it often makes sense for the expertise and the experience of our manager is to be made available for these business segments again.

How can employees of Consilium exclusively work for you as a client?

We provide our customers exclusive use of selected interim manager for the designated period.

After our intensive selection process, we employ the offered manager at Consilium or within the Neumüller group.

In exceptional cases we also contact freelancers, but they are commissioned by us for that period, firmly and with the appropriate framework and service agreements tied to our company. In such cases, we are interested in long-term partnerships.

If an interim manager is booked to 100%, he is also fully available.

What work experience is required in order to work as interim manager for Consilium?

• Relevant experience in management tasks (such as Executive / Managing Director / Head / Head of Department / Office of function).
• Special know-how in at least one subject area, with further interdisciplinary expertise of other areas.
• Experience in consulting and project management.

How quickly can a manager be provided?

• available manager from our pool within 5-10 business days after written instruction by our clients
• otherwise about 2-6 weeks

How are Consilium managers networked (knowledge), because no one knows everything, but information must be picked up quickly if needed?

The following ways of networking and knowledge are available to our interim manager:

• Provide training, internal work-shops and network meetings.
• support of the Interim Manager of Consilium senior consultant at the customer site.
• For each Consilium interim manager the entire network of the group is for free.
• If needed, use of short-term experts and consultants of the group.