We are looking for an Interim Manager (Project Manager) from the Automotive industry and the machinery and equipment business!

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Consilium Interimmanagement GmbH

Interim Managers´ profiles

Consilium works with quality candidates of all age. Our unique selling proposition is based on project teams each individually formed out of the candidates with the most suitable qualifications.

Teams will be set up with the support of absolutely experienced Senior Consultants, a group of Junior Consultants or project assistants in order to achieve excellent results and to work on data collection, documentation or support in general-also interdisciplinary.

Depending on the individual requirements of the projects there will be further specialists provided during certain phases.

Fields of applications

e.g. managing board, management, leading positions in the fields of:

Research & Development, Engineering, Production, Business Development, Key Account Management, Purchase, Finance, Controlling, Turnaround Management, Marketing, PR, IT, Risk Management and Human Resources.